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Wholesale Watermelon Ice Cream Powder 1kg Bag Soft Ice Cream Wholesale Support OEM Custom

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Watermelon flavored ice cream is a sweet and refreshing treat, perfect for cooling off on a hot day. Made with the juicy goodness of fresh watermelon and the rich creaminess of ice cream, this flavor combination is sure to delight your taste buds.

One Stop Solution——Bubble Tea+Ice Cream Raw Materials

  • Product Support : Wholesale/OEM/ODM
  • OEM MOQ : 0.5-1 Ton
  • Price Support : EXW/FOB/CIF/DDP
  • Port : Shanghai/Guangzhou
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    With every scoop, you'll experience the bright, fruity taste of watermelon wrapped in a luscious, creamy texture. This flavor is perfect for those who love fruity and refreshing desserts.


    Brand Name


    Prduct Name

    Watermelon ice cream powder

    All Flavors

    Mango, orange,milk, vanilla, pineapple, grape, blueberry, taro, strawberry, chocolate, Original, blue velvet, cherry blossom


    Ice cream




    Spot goods no MOQ requirement,
    Custom MOQ 50 cartons



    Shelf Life

    18 Momths



    Net Weight (kg)

    1KG(2.2lbs )

    Carton Specification


    Carton Size



    White sugar, edible glucose, non-dairy creamer, food additives

    Delivery time

    Spot: 3-7 days, Custom: 5-15 days


    Watermelon Ice Cream Powder 1kg
    Watermelon Ice Cream Powder 1kg Bag Soft Ice Cream
    Watermelon Ice Cream Powder 1kg Bag Soft Ice Cream Wholesale Support Custom
    Watermelon Ice Cream Powder 1kg Bag Soft Ice Cream Wholesale
    ice cream powder
    ice cream powder flavors


    To make delicious soft serve ice cream with watermelon ice cream mix and toppings, first follow the directions to prepare the powder. Then, mix up your desired fresh watermelon puree and add different toppings like crushed cookies, sprinkles, nuts, or even diced fruit for extra flavor. For a change, consider adding a little coconut milk or cream to the mix. Once everything is whisked together, pour into an ice cream maker and churn until it has a creamy, smooth texture. To finish, spoon over cones, bowls, or over a slice of fresh watermelon. Enjoy your refreshing and tasty treat!

    Watermelon Ice Cream Powder 1kg Bag Soft Ice Cream Wholesale Support Custom application


    1. What is the difference between soft powder and hard powder?
    Yes, it doesn't need a machine to beat hard ice cream powder by hand. It can be eaten by stirring once and freezing once. It can be dug and tastes thick; The soft ice cream powder is soft. It is similar to a cone sundae. It needs an ice cream machine!

    2. Can I add milk to make ice cream?
    Of course. However, we do not recommend it. Because the content of baby milk powder is higher than most products on the market, if you add milk, it will be a little greasy. It is recommended that you make it with water first, and then add it properly according to your taste!

    3. Why does it have ice residue?
    A: Excessive water addition
    B: The ice cream is not evenly distributed and needs enough time to pass
    C: Not enough standing time

    4. How long can the prepared ice cream be stored?
    It can be stored in the frozen layer for more than one month (it is recommended to seal it with plastic wrap and not put it with other heavy taste foods).

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