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Mixue Strawberry fruit jam 2.5kg OEM Puree Sauce for bubble milk tea wholesale baking dessert home cooking

short description:

Strawberry Jam is a sticky, fruity treat that soaks up the goodness of fresh strawberries. Packed with the sweetness and tangy flavor of perfectly ripe strawberries, this jam is cooked with sugar and lemon juice for a thick, spreadable texture.

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  • OEM MOQ : 0.5-1 Ton
  • Price Support : EXW/FOB/CIF/DDP
  • Port : Shanghai/Guangzhou
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    Whether you're a fan of sweet breakfast pastries or crave the tartness of a thick, fruity glaze, a jar of strawberry jam will add a touch of berry flavor to your day. Perfect on toast, on cookies or mixed with yogurt, this jam is a delicious and versatile addition to any pantry.

    Mixue Strawberry fruit jam 2.5kg OEM Puree Sauce for bubble milk tea baking dessert
    Mixue Strawberry fruit jam 2.5kg OEM Puree Sauce
    Strawberry fruit jam 2.5kg
    Mixue Strawberry fruit jam 2.5kg OEM Puree Sauce for bubble milk tea baking dessert home cooking
    fruit jam puree flavors


    Brand Name


    Prduct Name

    Strawberry Jam

    All Flavors

    Hami melon, Mango, Watermelon Jam,
    Blueberry, Peach, Green
    apple, Pineapple, Orange, Grape, Passion
    fruit, Rose, Osmanthus, Lemon Grapefruit,
    Mulberry, Dragon fruit


    Bubble tea,Bread, Ice cream,Ice foundation drinks




    Spot goods no MOQ requirement,
    Custom MOQ 50 cartons



    Shelf Life

    12 Momths



    Net Weight (kg)

    2.5L(5.51lbs )

    Carton Specification


    Carton Size



    Water, Fructose syrup, Passion fruit,White sugar,Food addictive

    Delivery time

    Spot: 3-7 days, Custom: 5-15 days


    Wine rice dumpling Strawberry bubble tea

    Raw material preparation: Mixue Jasmine Tea Preparation method:

    The ratio of tea to water is 1:30. After filtering the tea leaves, add ice to the ratio of tea leaves at 1:10 (tea: ice=1:10). Soak 20g of tea leaves, add 600ml of hot water (at 75 ℃), and simmer for 8 minutes. Stir slightly during the braising process, filter the tea leaves, and add 200g of ice cubes to the tea soup. Stir slightly and set aside

    Boil small rice dumpling: the ratio of small rice dumpling to water is 1:6-8 (the amount of water is adjusted according to the actual situation). After the water is boiled, pour rice dumpling into it. Cook it over a 3500w high fire. After the small rice dumpling floats (a small amount of direct drinking water can be poured into it to increase toughness), boil it for another two minutes, then drain the water and wash it cold. Drain the water to soak an appropriate amount of sucrose (recommended to use it within four hours)

    Step:(1) Place 2 fresh strawberries (30g) in a shaker and press them into a mud;(2) 2 spoons (45g) of Mixue strawberry jam, (3) 10ml of Mixue fresh fruit honey, (4) 50g of Mixue wine brewing, (5) 250g of ice, (6) 100ml of jasmine tea soup, (7) add pure water to the full mark, and the snow is evenly mixed; Add 40g of 0.7 tablespoon original flavor crystal ball, 55g of 1 tablespoon rice dumpling and pour them into the cup (crystal ball can be soaked in water)

    Mixue Strawberry fruit jam 2.5kg OEM Puree Sauce for bubble milk tea baking dessert home cooking application

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